Oriel Produce & Floral Ltd.
Waterford, Ireland
Tel: +353 87 2603635
Fax: +353 1 6335011

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ORIEL Produce & Floral Ltd. is possibly of the largest single supplier of cut daffodils to North America from Europe. Founded by John ORegan in Waterford, Ireland.

Our objective is to get our products from field/production facility
to the store/retail outlet as quickly as possible

Key Attributes

  • Long Daffodil Production Season: Achieved through a combination of different geographical growing locations ie. Ireland and England. & France
  • Picking (Cropping) starts late October with Multi-headed Scented varieties (Classification 7) and continues through to May. With a combination of the other Classes : The better known being Trumpets & Large Cup
  • Large range of Products/Varieties: The availability of up to 80 daffodil varieties incorporating a stunning array of colours.
  • No stock holding: We dont keep our product in storage for weeks on end and try to play the market. What you receive will be of optimum freshness thus ensuring a maximum shelf life. The product gets swiftly from the field to your stores within 3-4 days.
  • Labelling: As standard all ORIEL products have a care instructions & UPC label attached thus ensuring best results for end user. Customised Box labelling with your specific details is part of our service and commitment.
  • Logistics: Physical distribution is a vital component of getting our products in optimum condition to the clients destination. To this end we employ the proven best Airline carriers & the services of existing distributors whose infrastructure allows us to ship in bulk and maximise on unit cost. These cost savings are passed onto our customers
  • 24 hour on call service is provided for all our clients ,with quick response time ensuring peace of mind for our customers
St. Patricks Day is coming!
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