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Classification 4: Double Daffodils
As the name suggests consists of fully double flowers and sometimes a double corona only. These can be one-stemmed or have multiple flowers on the one stem
Double Fortune - 4YO
Double Fortune
Yellow flower with orange patches
Feb - Mid Apr
Dick Wilden - 4Y
Dick Wilden
Bright yellow flower
Early Mar - Mid Apr

Golden Ducat - 4Y
Golden Ducat
An intense yellow flower
Late Feb - Mid Apr
Apotheose - 4YR
Red flecked deep yellow flower
Mid Mar - Mid Apr

White Lion - 4WY
White Lion
White flower, stained yellow centre
Mar - Mid Apr
Tahiti - 4YR
Vibrant yellow with red patches at centre
Mar - Late Apr

White Cheerfulness - 4WY
White Cheerfulness
Scented white petals with yellow patches near centre
Late Mar - Late Apr
Yellow Cheerfulness - 4Y
Yellow Cheerfulness
Scented flower with yellow petals
Late Mar - Late Apr

Sir Winston Churchill - 4WY
Sir Winston Churchill
Scented, white petals with yellow patches near centre
Late Mar - Late Apr
Flower Dream - 4WO
Flower Dream
White petals with yellow/orange centre
Mid Feb - Mid Mar

Bridal Crown - 4WY
Bridal Crown
Yellow flower with deep yellow segments near centre
Feb - Mid Mar

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