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Questions on Daffodils

What's the difference between daffodils and narcissus?
Essentially there is no difference at all. Narcissus is the latin name given to all daffodils. Daffodil is the more commonly used name.

How many kinds/varieties are there?
There are thousands of daffodils. There are 13 distinct classifications into which most daffodils fall. Flower experts differ on the total number, however, there are at lest 25 species some with great many different forms and various natural hybrids.

What are miniature daffodils?
Miniature daffodils are defined the same as normal daffodils except on a smaller scale.

What is the best way of keeping the daffodils stored in the warehouse?
The most efficient method of storing your daffodils in a warehouse is in their boxes with good cool air circulation and a temperature of no more than 40F.

What the best way to store them at POS?
Unpack from boxes and place in an upright in dry container keeping temperature circa 35-40F. Do not expose to direct heat or sunlight.

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